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Dragon ball, The best manga of history ( or close) and not even more sold than One Piece… just got 33 yo.

To celebrate this, here’s 26 things about Dragon Ball that you maybe didn’t know,

    1. Son Goku only won the Martial Art Contest once.
      In six participations…

    2. If we combine all the episodes together, the fight between Freezer and Son Goku lasts 3h30.

      The Longest Fight in Manga History.

    3. Chaozu is’nt bald,
      Source photo : Wikia
    4. When you align all the mangas vertically, two people who appear due to a mistake of the editor there are two appearances of Son Goku, but also of Yajirobe …
      manga aligné
      Source photo : movieforkids

      5.  Akira Toriyama was inspired by the Hawaiian king Kamehameha I to name the famous destructive technique of the same name

Why Not.

Credits photo (creative commons) : Amadscientist

6- Boo is 5 millions years old,
Good shape old guy!


7-The six points on Krilin’s head are incense burns which he contracted during his training to become a monk.


8-The hair of the Saiyan does not grow, that’s why they always have the same cut.

9-But Bulma’s Hair change 17 times in the Manga…

Source photo : VK

10-The Best Toryama Character is Piccolo
Which one day was stronger than Son Goku and Vegeta, just after it merged with Kami, it is Vegeta himself who says it.

11-Here’s Gine, Goku’s mother.

Source photo : Instagram

    12- Piccolo is only 4 years older than Son Gohan
The Namekians grow up very quickly, he is only 3 years old when he fights against Son Goku for the first time at the martial arts tournament.

13-Real names of C-17 and C-18 are Lapis and Lazuli

14-It’s Tapion who gave Trunks his Sword.
We saw on Tapion OAV.

                                                       15-The character of Sangoten was originally intended to replace Son Goku as hero.
The fans said “NO !!!!!!”. And Toriyama listened.

                                             16-As C-18 is the twin of C-17, this one is technically the brother-in-law of Krilin
And Dr. Gero his father-in-law. Must have a nice atmosphere at Christmas.

17-Toriyama was strongly inspired by the Chinese novel “Monkey Goes West 
Goku, Bulma, Yamcha and even Oolong are characters inspired by the novel.

18-Bibidi, Babidi,and Buu, came from this song:

                     18-In the movie “Dragon Ball Z: Fusions”, the leader of the zombie soldiers looks like as two peas in a pod.
But this passage was censored in the English version, we do not see this little mustachu bastard.

Source photo : Dragon Ball Z

19-Son Goku is afraid of Needles, Hospital Food and of course… Chichi!
Even the most powerful guy in the world has weaknesses

20-It’s almost certain that Chaozu and Ten Shin Han do stuff together…
No, it’s not true. But this is a question that many fans are asking.

ten cha
Source  : thedragonballblog

21-By destroying the land on which Shenron had transferred all Namek, Buu killed Ginyu
because the frog that had become Ginyu was on Namek. We know, it’s complicated.

22-We can see Chaozu mask on Naruto

Source photo : dragonball

23- The Japanese Voice of Goku, is actually a Woman Voice,
Masako Nozawa.

24-Yamcha ALWAYS loses in the quarterfinals of the martial arts tournament,
Poor Yamcha…

25-NBI 8250012 B.
This is the postal address of Master Roshi. If you plan to send him a letter or a Porn Magazine.

Source photo : Dragonball/Wikia

25-Namekians don’t have sex together, they don’t eat also.
No, they only drink water and are hermaphrodite (they lay eggs by reproducing themselves). Wow Namek is the happiest place in the world…

26-Gohan means “bowl of rice” in Japanese.
Add to that Kakaroto (the real name of Goku) and Raditz, and you realize that Toriyama is literally obsessed with food.

  • So you knew all that?
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