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Weekly Dragon Ball Article

This week’s Dragon Ball Super Episode


Dragon Ball Super Epi.92


We start this episode with Goku getting to Satan’s House. Satan explains to Goku that he has tried everything to wake Buu up. He also says that Normally, Buu needs a second of sleep, but once he falls into a deep sleep, He won’t wake up for two months.

We Transition to Universe 11 and Toppo meets with Kahseral (the General) who has successfully saved the cat from the tree for some kids. Toppo is trying to convince the General to fight in the Tournament of Power for Universe 11, But he declines, stating that he worries how the universe would get in to trouble while they are away for the tournament. Toppo then states that the Trainee Troopers are willing to protect the Universe during their Absence. Eventually Toppo persuades Kahseral into fighting on team Universe 11.

We then Return to Universe 7, Satan volunteers to replace Buu in the Tournament. Goku then Reminds Him that there is going to be Many Strong Competitors. Mr. Satan Quickly changes his mind after hearing that. Goku informs Whis that Buu will not be waking up. This gets Beerus heated that Buu has fallen Asleep in such a critical time, But Whis reminds Beerus that he fell asleep for Years on end, so he’s not one to talk.




We Move to Universe 3 and the Gods Visit Nigrisshi, Their Greatest “Restructuring Warrior” for some help. Nigrisshi shows one of his enhanced warriors (Nariama). Nigrisshi mentions Nariama’s robotic features which will help him in the tournament. These features are an iron claw to keep from falling from the arena, a suction cup in case of his arm falling off, and many other gadgets. Nigrisshi mentions he is working on other warriors to complete the team.

Back to Universe 7, Krillin arrives at Capsule Corporation with No.18 and Marron. Krillin is happy to see Tien, but wonders where Master Roshi is. Roshi is still training with Puar and has managed to eradicate his one weakness. Tien and Piccolo explain to Krillin that there is an issue with Buu. Piccolo mentions they may have to enter only nine competitors. However, Supreme Kai interrupts, stating that if Zen says ten warriors, then it’s ten warriors he always gets his way.




Beerus urges Gohan that since he is the team leader, he must resolve this issue. Gohan states he believes Goku will wake Buu up. But if not, he’ll find the tenth member himself. Krillin also offers his help, since he wants the grand prize of ten million zeni. But once Krillin mentions the grand prize, he realizes that this was all a lie. Meanwhile, in Dende’s temple, Vegeta smashes his way out of the Room of Spirit and Time Again.

We transition to Universe 6. Cabba is training Caulifla the Super Saiyan transformation, while Kale watches nearby. Cabba transforms into the Super Saiyan form, which amazes Caulifla. She urges him to train her, but he responds that he had only learned the form recently.

Cabba tries to anger Caulifla to get her to transform, but it doesn’t work. She asks Cabba if he is always angry when he transforms. He responds that he doesn’t need to get angry anymore, since he’s used to the transformation. He adds that he transforms by concentrating the power in his back. Caulifla tries this technique and successfully transforms into a Super Saiyan. Cabba is impressed by Caulifla’s progress.

Caulifla asks how she can transform back. Cabba responds that this can be done by releasing the tingling sensation from her back. He adds that the form will be less draining once she gets used to the form. He asks if she will enter the tournament. She agrees to enter, but adds that she wants Kale to enter too.



Caulifla urges Kale to come out of hiding. She introduces Kale to Cabba, stating that she is also a Saiyan. She adds that Kale is Caulifla’s protégé and believes she can transform into a Super Saiyan. However, Kale doubts that she can.

We return to Universe 7. Goku returns to Capsule Corporation. He mentions that he was unable to wake up Buu. However, it appears everyone has found out Goku lied about the grand prize. And, due to this, Krillin and No.18 mention they’ll drop out. Goku urges Krillin that he will pay him the money, since he received money from Satan. However, Vegeta reminds Goku that Chi-Chi has the money. Goku asks Bulma for a loan, but she rejects it.

Krillin tells Goku that he’s more upset that Goku hid the fact that the universe was in danger of being destroyed. He believes that he’s been through everything with Goku, that he deserves to know the truth. Krillin admits that knowing about the stakes of the tournament does scare him, but Goku should’ve told him from the start.Beerus jumps in, urging Krillin to enter. He adds that if Krillin doesn’t enter, he will destroy him. Krillin quickly agrees, but adds that No.18 will probably refuse since there’s no prize money. Bulma states she’ll give the prize money to whoever wants it, but they must win the tournament.

Now that the Problem is cleared up, they still need a tenth member. Beerus blames the group for only selecting competitors from Earth, despite the vastness of the universe. He adds that it’s their fault for defeating Frieza’s army. Hearing this, Goku mentions that Frieza can be the tenth member—much to the shock of the rest of the team. The episode ends with only three hours left until the Tournament of Power

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