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Dragon Ball Super Epi.90


“Facing the Wall That Must Be Overcome! Goku Vs. Gohan”

This is the most Awesome Dragon Ball Super Episode in the Universal Survival Arc Yet. We begin this episode with Gohan and Piccolo, that have now completed their training. Both agree that their power must be tested out and told Gohan he knows someone they can test their power on. We then go to Goku, Master Roshi, Tien, and Chiaotzu who are at a restaurant and of course Goku being Goku we see his gobbling down bowl after bowl while master Roshi is drinking tea (I love how things never change about Goku I always wished I could eat as much as him I’ve bet some of you have tried).

While in the restaurant Roshi asks Goku what is he going to do with the leftover time until the tournament starts. Goku asks if Roshi could train him and show him some tricks. Roshi agrees but before any other words are spoken they get interrupted by Piccolo and Gohan who walk in with serious looks on their face and Challenge Goku and Tien in a sparring match.
They all travel to the mountain top where Gohan and Piccolo were training previously. Roshi is the referee for the match and announces that the match will be a 2vs.2 match Piccolo and Gohan vs. Goku and Tien. The rules would be the same as the Battle Royal in that moment Tien suggests to Goku that the tournament is not far away and should be careful not to injure the other two but Goku responds that Tien should worry about them getting injured.

The match begins. Goku and Gohan immediately rush at each other and start to trade blows. While their trading blows Piccolo is charging a Ki blast attack. Tien aims his Ki attacks at Gohan but can’t get a clear shot at his so Goku tells Tien to leave Gohan to him and focus the attack Piccolo but before he could fire the attack, Gohan steps in and prevents it. Piccolo then unleashes a powerful attack (that kind of reminded me of Majin Vegeta Final Explosion) Goku manages to block the attack but its followed up by a hard hit from Gohan. Goku admits that they have gotten stronger and mentions that Gohan has gotten his fighting sense back.

Tien suggest that the fight is over due to the mountaintop was blown away from the huge blast from piccolo. However, Gohan request for a 1vs.1 against Goku and f course he accepts. We then transition to Universe 10 and Gowasu is still trying to figure out the fighters because he doesn’t want to choose another Zamasu. Then all of a sudden the Universe 10’s God of Destruction Ramoosh who has already chosen the 10. The leader named Murichim the team is focused all on muscles but Gowasu looks concerned. We then go back to Universe 7. Goku and Gohan both power up Goku Super Sayain 2 form and Gohan to his Mystic Form. They begin fighting again trading blows and throwing Ki blasts and they both fire Kamehameha’s to each other that the ground starts to shake that even Vegeta and everyone knows something is up. Gohan is not yet satisfied and tells Goku to go full Power. So, he Transform’s to his Super Saiyan Blue Form then to keioken Blue Form. We then see both Fighters charge at each other followed by a big explosion and both fighters on the opposite side of each other.
As the dust settles it appears Goku is the victor. Gohan collapses (After trying to land one more hit but failing). Goku catches him and looks at him with a smile on both of their faces
The episode ends with Gohan thanking Goku and apologizing to Tien for any trouble. Goku then announces that he has selected Gohan to be Universe 7’s team leader.

This was a really nice episode of Dragon Ball Super lots of action and Character Development for Gohan and it’s about time his Fighting sense has come back just don’t get to attached to Universe 7’s Roster List anything can Happen.
Thanks for reading this Article. If you have any Questions on any topics feel free to email me at maybe one of your topics could be on next week’s article and Please check out they have Awesome Dragon Ball Z Merchandise Such as Clothing, Figures, accessories, and much more.

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