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This week’s Dragon Ball Super Episode


Dragon Ball Super Epi.88

Gohan and Piccolo! Master And Disciple Train To The Limit!  d

If you’re a fan of Gohan this episode is for you but most importantly female Broly has a name and her name is Caulifla. In the of beginning this Episode Gohan is getting his Butt kicked by Piccolo and Piccolo tells him that Goku came to see him before Gohan went to ask Piccolo to train him again he told Goku to give him 2 Senzu beans and he will train Gohan to get his fighting sense back. After that Gohan tells piccolo that’s he has to become stronger and turns Super Saiyan and Gohan and Piccolo get back at it and yet again Piccolo is equal to Gohan.



cut to Capsule Corp and there Goten is with Trunks who is trying to put a diaper on Bulla. Then Vegeta steps ups and gets the diaper and puts it on like a Boss. To be honest with you I don’t really know how to feel about this like about how Vegeta’s getting kinda soft. Anyways moving on to the Episode we see Krillin sparing with Android 1. 18 wins telling Krillin he is still to soft. We get back to Gohan and Piccolo and still Gohan is getting owned even when he is Super Saiyan (to be honest with you it reminds me of Future Gohan when he is fighting the androids because everything is dark and raining but that’s just me) Piccolo tells Gohan “its true, the wish to protect can give you strength but, wishing too strongly can be dangerous” (which I thought was a really nice Quote) But piccolo assures Gohan will do good during the tournament. After we cut to Cabba who is driving to his former captain’s house and askes him to join the tournament but he rejects the offer due to his leg injury that made him retire from his squad which is called “The Sadal Defence Force”. Renzo (Cabba’s Former Captain) tells him to take his sister Calulifla and Cabba tells Renzo That he don’t get along with her but Renzo tells Cabba that her power is FAR BEYOND his own (we all can tell after we saw her transform Lol).

Now back to Gohan and Piccolo we see them looking at each other eye to eye while Gohan is taking in deep breaths and Piccolo says “That’s enough of a warm up” and tells him to come at him with Full Power and Gohan powers up and Piccolo tells Gohan that he is powerful, But he has a weakness and if he doesn’t overcome it he wont last in the tournament. So they keep sparing and piccolo stretches his hands strangling Gohan and he askes when did he get such power and he replies back saying “Do you think I was doing nothing while you were studying”(which by the way made me laugh) Gohan after passes out losing his Super Saiyan form. He after wakes him up with a Ki blast and tells him “Your strong but your heart hasn’t fully become that of a warrior’s”. Gohan’s weakness is that he would always let his guard down at vital moments like that time he got absorbed by Buu.

Piccolo says he got drunk on his power because Gohan was overconfident that he had that amazing power that the Elder Kai had brought out(which I will talk about in the next Topic below and how his form works) and Piccolo tells Gohan to fight with all of his power and He goes Super Saiyan 2 and Piccolo asks “Super Saiyan isnt your Full Power, Is It”? Then we see Gohan starting to dig deep and Piccolo says to “Use that Power you used when you fought Buu”. Then we start to see his hair change from gold to his original black hair. Then we see the Gohan we all missed. He was his Potential Unleashed form(Ultimate or mystic form there is no correct way to say it we all know what it means) and while his transformation was taking place a beam of light opened up and the clouds rolled away making the rain stop. Gohan tells Piccolo he wont hold back and Piccolo started to make all these clones and Gohan was taking out all the clones and all of a sudden Gohan swings his arm and literally cuts off half of


Piccolo’s arm off. In my Opinion, I thought it was awesome, but yet we see Piccolo’s hand come back and blast Gohan in the back to prove to him to not let his guard down only when the fight is over. Later we see Gohan and piccolo sitting at a campfire and Piccolo tells gohan that that the power he has now isn’t his max he can still get stronger and if he wants to get stronger with him and then they shake hands and Gohan says they can make some tactics and piccolo agrees. Only 9 Hours and 30 mins left until the Tournament of Power begins. Lets see what the future has in store.

Explaining Gohan’s Potential Unleashed Form  pastedGraphic_2.png

During Dragon Ball Z Gohan had his power unlocked twice once from the Lord Guru and the second time by the Elder Kai. My explanation on this is that the Elder Kai’s ritual worked on a divine level bringing out his Full Potential while Guru’s worked on bring power hiding from inside. Mystic Gohan is a fan made name but is used to describe Ultimate Gohan which is used in merchandise but either name goes there’s no wrong way to say it. So basically the Elder Kai’s Ritual Brought out Gohan’s hidden Potential to put it in our words us as humans have to train and hit the gym to get muscles and get in shape like how the Z fighters do to sharpen their skill but with the Elder Kai’s ritual you basically skip all that what the ritual did was Unlock all his Gohan’s Hidden Potential inside of him. We also find out that Gohan’s Ultimate form is a transformation not just his base form that gets an increase of power when he turns Super Saiyan. I Believe that Gohan basically forgot how to transform into his Ultamate form because all they were all living in peace and since he is a dad plus being a scholar but Piccolo taught him how to did deep and transform into that state again (and I bet its for the better i got tired of Gohan being weak).If you want learn more check out Geekdom101 on Youtube he has a video all about and gets into detail about his form.

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