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Dragon Ball Super Episode 89 REVIEW

by ShenronStore 16 May 2017 0 comments

Weekly Dragon Ball Article

This week’s Dragon Ball Super Episode


Dragon Ball Super Ep.89


On this episode of Dragon Ball Super, we begin with Goku traveling to master Roshi’s house we then see Oolong who tells Goku that he is with Tien at his new Dojo being a Honorary Master.

We then go to Tien’s Dojo and we see Tien teaching them how to bring out there Ki we also see Master Roshi looking bored (thinking that there were going to be a lot of girls there). Tien tells the students that their done for the day. Then we see chausu bring a girl named Yurin into the dojo and she asks Tien if she could be his student as well.

Tien asks why does she want to learn Martial Arts she tells him for Beauty Tien tells her to look for another Dojo then all of a sudden, we see Master Roshi run up saying “this is what I’ve been waiting for”. Roshi starts being Pervy and picks up the girl and tells Tien that he will train her (Classical Roshi). After Goku appears and asks Tien if he wants to be in the tournament then asks if Master Roshi is with him. We then cut to Yurin and Roshi and Yurin is put on her training clothes. Master Roshi starts being a pervert again and tells her that she has Wickedness and she thought she blew her cover but then he pointed to her butt and started chasing her.

We see Goku Pop his head in the room and takes a look to see what Master Roshi is up to then tells himself to just save him for last. We then cut to scene where Goku is talking to Tien and asks him again if he wants to join the Tournament of Power. Tien Respectfully Declines because he can leave his students alone Goku keeps insisting even telling him that the prize is 10 million Zeni and without him he don’t have ten fighters on the team. Suddenly they get interrupted by a man yelling that Tien’s students are Rampaging through the town. Goku instant transmissions to the town with Roshi, Tien, and Chausu. We see the town smoking as well as the town people running being chased by Tien’s Students covered in this Purple aura with a Seal on their Forehead’s. Tien’s Face was Shocked by what damaged they were causing to the village. We Later cut back to Caulifla and Cabba. Cabba insisting that she joins the universe 6 team but yet she tells him to get lost.

One of her goons goes up to him and puts his hand on his head and tells him to get lost making fun of him Unexpectedly Cabba turns Super Sayain and sends the guy flying hitting the boxes he tells her it something called Super Sayain and he could train her and teach her how to do it if she wants. She declines once more and he responds, “Are you going to just sit here when you could be aiming even higher?” (which I thought was a good Quote to say). She then changes her mind and told someone to buy him a juice or something (I laughed at this). We after cut back to the village still smoking and people still running from Tien’s possessed students. Roshi says that its Witchcraft because the area is full of sinister energy. Chausu fired a beam that scattered but had no. Suddenly Yurin Comes out saying that a move like that won’t work on them. Master Roshi tells tien to leave it to him because he don’t know how to handle girls (Master Roshi is a funny Character in my opinion I think him being a pervert and being old is hilarious). Goku and the others start taking the seals off of the Students while Master Roshi fought Yurin she tripped then well lets just say He saw them but while still in shock he got a foot to the Dragon balls (Don’t know if little kids read this so just being careful Lol).

Yurin puts the seal on Roshi and Tien went one on one with Master Roshi. Suddenly Roshi goes buff   (which I Love when he does because just imagine if your Grandpa could do that yeah Awesome right). We then see Tien bring back the Four arms no one has seen in a very long time. Tien gets defeated and when Roshi is about to fire a Kamehameha to finish him Goku gets in front of Tien and back hands the Ki blast away. Goku and Roshi start going at it punch by punch and Dodge by Dodge. Goku says that there is no time but he wants to keep fighting he flies up to where they could barely see him and Charges up a big Kamehameha and fires it while chausu finally being useful gets her attention away from roshi and the blast connects. The Seal comes off. Later Tien asks Yurin to train at his Dojo and she apologizes to the people of the village. Tien After tells Goku that he will Participate in the Tournament of Power to pay for the damages of the Village (little do they know there is no prize money their fighting to survive). Roshi over hears and joins to and now the Universe 7 Roster is complete. Buu, Piccolo, No.17, No.18, Krillin, Tien, Vegeta, Master Roshi, Gohan, and Goku. The Universe is at Stake. The Tournament is in 8 Hours could anything go wrong? Could someone back out? Now we wait for Next Week’s Episode of Dragon Ball Super.

Explaining Hit’s Time Skip Technique    

Hit the Legendary Assassin From Universe 6 uses a Technique that is really skillful Called time-skip. One thing about this Technique is he doesn’t freeze time in the anime it does look like time is freezing but that’s just how they are showing us. So what is he doing you ask? Well he is not freezing time he is Skipping forward in time Yes that’s what I said he is moving through time at a really fast speed that to us it looked like time is freezing. Vados in the Dragon Ball Super anime talks about Time-skip She basically says that hit is not stopping time but is skipping time and can store the left-over time he’s skipped along with that stored time he can create a separate space, a parallel world. So basically, what hit can do is make pocket universes. With those little universes, he can freely move to and from there. This is why he is so good at his job because he can literally use Time-skip to make the kill then leave to a plane of no time (a pocket universe) that he created himself.    

If you want to learn more check out Geekdom101 on YouTube he has a video all about this topic.

If you have any Questions on any topics feel free to email me at maybe one of your topics could be on next week’s article and Please check out they have Awesome Dragon Ball Z Merchandise Such as Clothing, Figures, accessories, and much more.    

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